Be in with the chance to win £35 a week with a bonus ball of £100 each month!

Purchase a ball number for £10 each month to be in the mix for a great first drainer for the club!

Rules/ Terms & Conditions

1. The bonus ball number game will be a regular fundraiser for the Bradshaw Cricket Club

2. The weekly game shall be based upon The National Lottery Saturday Night Draw.

3. The monthly game shall be based upon The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draw – to be drawn on the last Wednesday of every month.

4. The winning ball shall be the number of the bonus ball drawn weekly.

5. 59 balls are available for each bonus ball game at a cost of £10 per ball per month.

6. All monies from entrants must be received in advance.

7. There is no restriction on the number of balls an individual player may purchase.

8. A minimum of 50 balls must be purchased before the draws can commence.

9. If the bonus ball from a draw is a number that has not been allocated to an entrant then 50% of the prize will rollover to the next draw of that type (Weekly/Monthly)

10. Upon receipt of payment of £10 per bonus ball the entrant will be allocated wherever possible their preferred bonus ball number.

11. Only one person shall be allocated to each bonus ball at any one time.

12. All entrants must provide their phone number so that they can be added to Whatsapp Group so that the co-ordinator can keep them up to date.

13. Prize money shall be £35 per week for each weekly draw & £100 per month for the monthly draw.

14. Bonus Ball numbers can only be sold to members of Bradshaw Cricket, Tennis & Bowling Club.

15. 2 Months notice must be given to the co-ordinator if you wish to leave the Bonus Ball draw – unless someone is willing to takeover the number with immediate effect.

16. The winner will receive their prize by cash or bank transfer.

17. The bonus ball co-ordinator shall not be paid but may enter the competition if they wish.

18. The co-ordinator will receive no personal gain from these games.

19. To purchase a ball or for any other queries please contact the co-ordinator

(Nick Lester – 07885 752006).

20. Regular updates on each game will be posted on the Bonus Ball Whatsapp group and on the notice boards within the Tavern.

Purchase your lucky ball here: