Euro 2020 Predictor

£10 to enter – pay via TeamApp

Prizes for 1st 2nd & 3rd place

Entries must be completed by Friday 11th June at 7:30pm

Entry form here


Round 1 – Guess the score
Predict the score for each group game – (5 points for predicting the correct score, 2 points for the correct result – 180 points available). Please enter score in the following format: 1-0/2-1/4-3 etc

Round 2
Predict the Group Winners and Runners Up – 10 points for predicting correctly; 2 points if the team qualifies but not in the place you predicted – i.e. as a runner up where you predicted winners

Round 3
Predict the 8 Quarter Finalists (10 points for each correct answer). Please ensure you only select 8 teams

Round 4
Predict the 4 Semi Finalists (10 points for each correct answer) – Please ensure you only select 4 teams

Round 5
Answer the following questions – Points for each correct answer – 95 points available

Round 6
This Question will also for the tie-breaker in the event of a tie.